Collection: The Premix Route!!

The perfect product to spoil that loved one in your life. 

These Products are for all the Mom's, Grandma"s, Granddad's, Aunts or whomever that want to spoil a loved one with a cake, cookie, cupcake, muffin, milk-tart, rusks and sooo much more.   

Most if not all of these items are not easy to find and buy with the normal grocery list. It is specifically sourced and conveniently packed for you to have great fun in baking that something special for that special loved one in your life.     

All premixes are tested and for the great baking experience use these premixes. It is convenient with a tried and tested recipe. All the dry ingredients are in the premix. You add the wet ingredients as indicated. No fuss no hassle bake it decorate and present it. Eat and enjoy.

That is Fearless Baking at its best

Have Fun