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Bran Muffin Premix

Bran Muffin Premix

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Hmmm yummy muffins with no hassle what so ever!!!!!!!

1kg Bran muffin mix

375ml water

6 eggs

300ml oil 

Place all the ingredients into a mixing bowl.  Blend together for 1 min at low speed. Scrape down sides, then beat for 6 min at medium speed. 

Fill paper cups ⅔ full and bake at 180˚C for 15 min.


Add 300g of any of the following to the mixture before baking: 

Diced pie apple + 5ml mixed spice. 

Raisins  Chopped mixed nut (sprinkle brown sugar over top before baking)  Grated carrots an chopped nuts 

Mashed cooked pumpkin and nuts (add 3ml nutmeg)


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