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Double Chocolate Brownie Premix

Double Chocolate Brownie Premix

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Brownies 1kg Pre-mix

4 Extra large eggs

200ml Water

200g Dark Chocolate – melted


Place pre-mix, water and eggs in a large mixing bowl, beat for 2 min on low speed, scrape sides off bowl, beat for 7 min on high speed, stir in the melted chocolate, beat for 2 min on high, pour into a greased and lined tin 24x30cm or oven roasting pan and bake for ± 40 min on 180ºC. Cool in tin, pour a ganache topping or fudge frosting, stand to set overnight, cut into slices or squares.


Add ± 200g choc chips or 200g chopped, soaked dates.

Moist Chocolate Cake 1kg Pre-mix

250ml Water

4 Extra large eggs

Place all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl, beat on low speed for 2 min, scrape sides then beat for 10-12 min on high speed. Pour into a greased 25cm round tin and bake for ± 45 min at 180º or until done. Cool in tin for 10 min before turning out on a wire rack. Decorate as desired once cooled.

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