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Isomalt 1kg

Isomalt 1kg

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Isomalt is unique among replacement sugars because it retains almost all of the physical properties of real sugar with added benefits for sugar artists, cake decorators and pastry chefs. These benefits include: 1. Increased resistance to humidity therefore, less sticky to work with and less prone to clouding.

Isomalt is an extremely stable sugar substitute used for sugar art cake decorations. It's a sugar alcohol that acts structurally just like a sugar would. You get all of the cool properties of working with table sugar without the negatives! When you heat normal sugar to work with it, it can crystallize in the pan.

One of the primary advantages of isomalt over sugar is that it can be heated and melted in a pan without water. Simply heat in a heavy-bottomed pot until all the granules melt. At this point, the isomalt is free to use however the recipe calls for. There's no need to add water that would just be boiled off later.

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